Let’s try this again.

new writing medium

Last time I decided to try and get things moving – the whole world did too. Look where we are now.

I’m still planning on getting Comic Report up and running on a weekly basis. See if my reviews can get some feedback among my peers.

Bland Mountain has been stagnant for the better part of a year, I’ll see about contributing to it more in a few months time. Right now I’m still focused on getting a hardcover collection done by the summer, along with a second volume companion.

I also have a planned comic in the works with my longtime friend and collaborator, Matthew Botticella, but it’s still in the beginning phases of conception. At least on paper. In my mind I already have six issues done. The translation to page is always the difficult one. Rightfully so I suppose.

My novel has been in standstill for more then four years. I’ll be surprised if I start or finish it this year, give or take a moment of pure divinity that will inspire me to lock myself up in a small room for months in exile of the world around me. Stranger events have happened though.

Let’s see if I make more then one post here this year to start with though.